Hi my name is dwane Jefferson the owner/ manager of real surf equipment.

 just a bit of background information on myself.

I grew up in Carrington an always walk to beach, I got my first surfboard at age 14 an been surfing ever since.

Surfing has given me the drive  to travel the world surfing waves in many different countries, my first trip was  to Bali in 1985 an I'm still traveling to search for Prefect waves.

I have been making surfboard since 1993 where is I work for Peter McCabe surfboards profiling an sanding boards for the Japanese market.

In 1999 I worked as  a lifeguard  for the Newcastle Council for 9 years  an through those years I still made my own surfboards for overseas travel and for custom orders out of a factory that I use to rent. I finally moved out and bought my own factory up at Steel River industrial estate where I'm happily based now, 2020.